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Why Should You Use an Attorney for Contracts and Agreements?

March 24, 2014

Contracts or agreements form the foundation and set the parameters for business operations. If you have a sizable business, you use contracts or agreements to deal with many operations ranging from vendor management to hiring contractors or employees, to forming partnership agreements or protecting business trade secrets. A business transactions attorney can make sure your agreements or contracts hold up under judicial scrutiny.

Georgia contract law under Title 13 is complex and extensive. The statute describes eight different types of contracts and parties' obligations. Some business operations are not as significant as others and can be transacted through a verbal agreement and handshake, while others require conditions or even more formal requirements such as a specialty contract, which is sealed. With a contract called an entire contract, parties must meet all stipulations in the contract or the courts consider the contract void (or invalid). Whereas by comparison, a severable contract has contract portions that stand by themselves and a failure to meet one portion does not affect the rest of the contract. A conditional contract contains provisions that depend on one another. If one condition is met, then a party has an obligation to comply with the rest of the contract. For example, if contractors complete a particular aspect of construction by a certain date, then other construction specified in the contract may move forward. Knowing when to use which type of contract is vital for successful business operations.

When business relationships fall apart and parties are in breach of contract or dispute a contract, business litigation lawyers in Marietta can help resolve the issues and protect your rights.

At Mark A. Johnson, PC, we provide clients with transactional legal guidance by drafting and negotiating contracts. We also represent clients in all types of business litigation matters.