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Business Litigation Attorney Serving Atlanta, Georgia

Litigation is becoming more commonplace. There is a strong need to be protected from predatory behavior and also to enforce legal rights if wronged.

“Business break-ups” can be among the most contentious of all disputes. Representation of companies and individuals involved in business disputes requires a lawyer who has years of trial experience and the business acumen to understand the types of business transactions that are prone to lawsuits.

With a practice equally dedicated to business litigation and business transactions, Mark Johnson has the education and the experience to provide comprehensive legal services to his clients.

Negotiated resolutions are generally quicker and less expensive for business owners, allowing them to get back to running their businesses and making a profit. Mark Johnson is a trained mediator who can often achieve settlements through negotiation, but who also understands the need to litigate when negotiated solutions fail to resolve disputes. Business litigation lawyers in Marietta respect Mark Johnson because they know his reputation as an aggressive trial attorney, and thus are more likely to negotiate reasonably and in good faith.

Business lawsuits involve an appreciation of urgency that is usually absent from other types of litigation. Delay can mean missing a crucial window of opportunity, or can incur costly interest charges.

Put a Fierce Attorney in Your Corner

Mark Johnson can assist you in the following types of business cases by negotiating a favorable resolution, minimizing exposure, or presenting a strong case to the mediator, arbitrator, judge, or jury:

  • Commercial and contract disputes

  • Interference with contracts

  • Shareholder and partnership disputes

  • Financial transactions

  • Development and construction disputes

  • Real estate disputes

  • Fraud and fiduciary breach

  • Equitable claims

  • Torts

  • Condemnation/eminent domain

  • Zoning

  • Regulatory violations

  • Non-competition, non-disclosure and non-solicitation agreements

  • Injunctions and restraining orders

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