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You've chosen and established an appropriate business form. You've purchased or leased office space. You are ready to do business. Now what? Large corporations have their legal departments and attorneys to help managers and supervisors with legal issues that they encounter during the day-to-day operation of the corporation. As a small business owner, you may not have thought much about how to handle legal issues once your business is established. But now that your business is operational, you realize you need legal counsel. With a dual background in law and business, including an MBA in Finance and a Master of Laws in Taxation, Mark A. Johnson can help.

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Our law firm can be your legal department. We handle all legal issues related to the ongoing operations of a business, including:

  • Reviewing, negotiating, drafting, interpreting, and implementing business and commercial contracts, including

    • Financing agreements

    • Buy-sell agreements

    • Consulting contracts

    • Non-competition agreements

    • Agreements among business owners, corporation shareholders, partners, and members of limited liability companies

  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Sales, marketing, and advertising

  • Dissolutions of businesses

  • Regulatory compliance issues

  • Succession and retirement planning

  • Protecting your customers' privacy

  • Managing compliance with federal, state, and local business laws and regulations

  • Zoning ordinances and regulations

  • Licensing

  • Independent contractors

  • Insurance issues including business, heath, motor vehicle, property and business interruption insurance

  • Record-keeping security and retention requirements

  • Breach of contract and non-performance litigation

  • Alternative dispute resolution and mediation

  • Protecting intellectual property rights

  • Construction licenses and permits

  • Fiduciary responsibilities

  • Commercial leasing

  • Borrowing money and loan documents

  • Business taxes

You've worked hard to create and build a business. Knowledgeable legal guidance can help that business thrive. Contact Mark A. Johnson today.

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