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Make Mark A. Johnson, PC the Legal Department for Your Business

The law firm of Mark A. Johnson, PC is dedicated to providing client-centered, intellectually innovative, and solutions-oriented legal representation. With a background in both law and business, Cobb County business attorney Mark Johnson — who has an MBA in Finance and a Master of Laws in Taxation — knows how to advise you about a broad range of business matters. And he knows how to keep the best interests of your business in mind while handling legal matters that include the following:

Providing the Value that Clients Demand

In today's economy, clients rightfully demand value and keep their eyes on the bottom line. At Mark A. Johnson, PC, our goal is to protect your interests and help your business thrive in the most cost-effective way possible. That begins with helping you choose the correct entity for your corporation, continues with designing contracts that protect your interests both now and in the future, and includes everything from helping you with business taxation planning to litigating business disputes. Our goal is to guide you through the legal minefield of running a business today. We are trained mediators, but we are also aggressive litigators when your business dispute lands in court.

We can also help you with planning your estate so that you safely pass on the rewards of your hard work to loved ones. And we provide help with the legal issues surrounding assisted reproductive technologies and surrogacy so that you can continue building your family and future.

At Mark A. Johnson, PC, we are here to help you achieve your short- and long-term business and personal goals.

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