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Guiding Principles

My business law firm is founded on the principle of providing high-quality legal representation that is client-centered, intellectually innovative, and solution-oriented.

Lawyers can be either “Deal Breakers” or “Deal Makers.”

Deal Breakers find every negative in a potential deal and don't weigh their relative risks.

Deal Breakers inject themselves in the process, rewrite every comma, and bog the process down.

Deal Makers realize that time kills deals. They also understand that their job is to triage the risks, explain them to their client, implement their client's decision, and then get out of the way.

I pledge to promptly address your legal needs and then be available for any follow-up requests you might have.

In today's economy, clients rightfully demand value.

Many business lawyers have penthouse offices with antiques, marble foyers, and a host of receptionists. Plush surroundings for the lawyers. I have been there.

The client is often met by its “team” of lawyers—a litigation partner, a transactional partner, a senior associate, a junior associate fresh out of law school, and another lawyer called in on a securities or a real estate question. This "staffing up" is a key to the economics of law practice which clients customarily encounter.

Effective? Probably, but at what price? When I was with an investment fund with billions of dollars in assets, such costs were expected as part of the “administrative carry.”

But the harsh realities of today's business environment demand otherwise.

Most entrepreneurs, closely-held business owners, and larger businesses with an eye on the bottom line, realize that the goal is to net something--after attorneys' fees.

Modern technologies have leveled the playing field, and quality legal representation is available, without the host of personnel required when I first started practicing law. Legal research is now available online, standardized and archived legal forms are instantly available, and correspondence arrives in a matter of seconds rather than days.

As a consequence, I commit to apply the efforts and the hours necessary to the task at hand, and the overhead that is required to get your job done—not to indulge my creature comforts or to bankroll a bloated legal entourage on your bill.

My goal is to navigate you through the legal minefield and then step back—as you strive to realize your potential in your chosen field, about which you know far more than any micro-managing lawyer does.