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Those contemplating Surrogacy or other forms of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) need to consider the interdisciplinary nature of this most complicated of human relationships, between Surrogate, Intended Parents, Donors of Gametes (Sperm, Egg, or Embryo), Doctors (Reproductive Endocrinologists, Embryologists, Obstetricians), Lawyers, Psychologists, Hospitals, Insurance Providers, and numerous others. Consider this a starting point. A.2. 6.

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The Cobb Bar has been populated over the years from numerous proving grounds, including the office of legendary Cobb Solicitor General Herb Rivers. Herb was often unorthodox, both organizationally and in demeanor, yet his mentoring shaped the careers of numerous judges, prosecutors, and long standing Cobb legal practitioners. Marietta Mayor Joe Mack Wilson was impressed with Herb’s employment practices and Herb’s singular emphasis on performance standards, once remarking that “The mandatory secretarial retirement age in Herbie’s office is 21.” Herb was an acknowledged CLE pioneer, offering periodic in-house evidentiary seminars of seized videos. And Herb considered misdemeanor prosecution the highest form of litigation art, often emphasizing his maxim, “Felonies are a piece of cake. If you can convince jurors that jay walkers deserve a particular place in Hell, you’re doing some mean lawyering.”

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The Sporting Element of the Practice of Law*

Judge H. Sol Clark famously lamented that “The sporting element of legal practice is no longer with us.”[1] But for two legendary Georgia lawyers, that was indeed their apotheosis. Larry Cohran and Glenville Haldi are no longer with us, so we may now speak freely.[2] Larry Cohran assumed mythic proportion, even in life. Did he really obtain a legal name change to “Judge Larry Cohran?” Did creditors actually intervene in his divorce, claiming Cohran’s proposed property division was a ruse to place his assets beyond their reach? What is beyond conjecture was his penchant for “pressing the envelope.” In the nascent days of the Civil Practice Act, the parameters of discovery had not yet been vetted with case law. In such a vacuum, Cohran’s proclivities were unfettered.

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Two Simple Rules To Avoid Business Liability

In representing businesses for over 30 years, ranging from quotidian Mom and Pop operations to a multi-billion dollar investment and opportunity fund, I have never encountered rank and file employees who were reasonably aware of the following simple rules to limit liability exposure.  And it matt...

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How Does Land Use Affect Commercial Real Estate Plans?

Most U.S. cities of any size have land use and zoning ordinances that restrict certain types of construction and/or land use. If you are considering a real estate project, an attorney can help you deal with land use requirements. For certain types of land use, the City of Marietta requires prope...

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